My 1st Post

I apologize for the delay in making my first post. Like I said in my opening post, I was a PhD candidate in Virginia Tech. My final defense was scheduled in January. My defense was successful; thank you for asking. When I established this blog, I thought I was going to have time to start running this blog and at the same time finish up my degree and submit my job applications. Obviously, I was wrong. I was working 24/7 and I wished I had more time. I wanted to do more work for my PhD, and with this economy I wanted to apply for more jobs. Anyhow, now that I have finished my PhD and started working as a postdoctoral research associate, I think I can start making at least monthly posts.

I want my first post to be a post of acknowledgment. I wish to acknowledge two dear friends who encouraged and inspired me to start this blog. Without these two friends, I would not have started this blog, at least not in my foreseen future. These two friends are Ivan Sergejev and John Sangster. Ivan is a brilliant architect. He is currently doing his Masters degree in Virginia Tech department of Architecture, and he is supposed to defend his thesis this semester. So hopefully, we will be walking together in May. Ivan is a brilliant person and I am sure he will have a great future. To find proof of my claim, I invite you to have a look on his personal blog: I have no doubt that you will enjoy it; especially if you are interested in city design. On the other hand, John defended his masters degree in December and just started pursuing his doctoral degree in transportation engineering. John, too, has an interesting blog that is certainly beneficial for transportation engineering studets. John named his blog Free Flow and its web address is: If you are interesting in transportation engineering, I am sure you will enjoy following John’s posts.

So, here goes my first post. I will make sure to make my next post soon; especially that I attended the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board a few weeks ago, and there is a lot of information that I wish to share.


2 responses to “My 1st Post

  1. It is nothing but the truth. Thank you! 🙂

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